Cyndi :

We want somewhere that will be cloudy in November, maybe rain, won’t be too far from the coast either.
Let me clarify, I live in Southern California, I know the climate, and I realize that the only places likely to be rainy are Norcal and the beach.
I want somewhere rainier in climate, but with a very nice hotel. Anywhere in Southern Cailfornia is fine, despite the vastness of its expanse. Near the coast is prefferable.
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Matt :

I want to take my wife away for Valentine’s Day weekend, and need some great ideas for unique hotels in the southern California area. My area preferences would be outside of LA, since we visit there frequently… Maybe Santa Barbara, Solvang, possibly even as far south as Carlsbad, etc.

I’m looking for something out of the ordinary; not Hilton, Marriott, etc. Something that has character! I would be willing to spend up to $300 a night for the right place.


smurfgrl128 :

im looking for indoor pools..water activities in the hotel and near by..doesnt matter where just be in S CA. ive already looked at welks in san diego and the two hotels by disneyland(the californian and disneyland hotel) are there anyothers…?? preferbly indoors cuz ill be goin in febuary? something different not your average hotel but not one of those over priced hotels for no reason…thank u soooo much!

vertigoelectric :

I can easily come up with a list of hotel names, but I want a better idea of which of those names belongs to the nicer and classier of hotels. It is for my wedding night, this Saturday evening, and we will be arriving in a limo.
Thanks for the answers so far. Fortunately, a friend has bought us a room at the Inn at Churon Winery, which I noticed is quite luxurious. We are excited.
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Lost in TV :

I can use any examples of California hotels or motels that have changed within the last year from Holiday Inn to something else. If you know of any, can give please me the city and either an address or just a street name? Thanks!

Mom in america :

We don’t want to drive all the way to vegas. Any suggestions

alex :

Im 20 I turned 20 today. I need a hotel for 18 and over in Fontana California becoz I hear in U.S its 21+ for most places like Comfort Inn witch is the only place I feel safe going into around here.

RodeoClown :

For my yr11 English assignment I need a related text for Belonging and my teacher suggested Hotel California. I love this song but don’t know how it shows Belonging. Any help?
(I’m also doing Remember the Titans so if you can help with that too it would be greatly appreciated)

ina bina :

im going to los angelos california soon for my 21st birthday, im looking for a hotel that is in a good location to many of the city hot spots(clubs,shopping,bars) and i want a city view hotel. price is no option, so i really am looking for something upscale and nicely decorated and still hip and trendy enough for my age group i also am going to be in the hollywood/west hollywood area so information on hotels in that area would be nice also…thank you so much!

Plastic Paddy :

This was one of the theories behind the lyric’s to Hotel California. I know what the song is really about so please don’t explain. I just was wondering the name of the hotel ran by cannibals that everyone seems to think the song is about.

Hi Does anyone here know what website is good for finding great deals on hotels in California?

NgoQA : Question explains it.

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I’m planning a 3 day weekend trip to La Jolla, California- which hotels and hot spots do you recommend?

American Woman : Any nice hotels at an affordable price that are right by the beach and /or near hot spot places to go (ex: shopping centers, bars, nightlife). I’m pIanning on going with a guy friend by mid July. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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hotels with Waterbeds in Northern California?

Laurie : just out of curiosity, wondering if any one knew where in Northern California there are hotels with Water beds?

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Is there any way to get discounted room rates at any of the Disneyland Park Hotels (California)?

Aeros : We are hoping to stay at the Grand Californian and were wondering how to get discounted room rates through websites, travel agencies, etc. Has anyone been able to do this?

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